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NOTE: Why are some ads on the Megalo News Network app inconsistent with the Megalo News Network Brand?

Ads on streaming services, including Megalo News Network’s new upcoming streaming app, are placed via an automated auction, also known as “programmatic” advertising.  Thus, Megalo News Network does not know what ads will be placed until after it airs.  This is why some ads are inconsistent with our brand. We are making efforts to prevent ads not consistent with the Megalo News Network brand from airing.

Megalo News Network reaches an audience of the most mass-affluent, influential, and highly informed readers and viewers in America.

Megalo News Network has one of the best marketplaces of 45+ Americans in the media world. We call our core audience Megalo Global Network

They are not only America’s Citizens, but also those older and younger generations who share their values, their interests, and their buying power!

The Megalo Global Network audience represents 40 percent of the U.S. population, but they control over 70 percent of the nation’s disposable income.

They want news sources that reflect their values.

They come to Megalo News Network to read the real news. They want quality information they can trust.

Our news team is composed of some of the most distinguished, award-winning journalists in the industry.

Each month we reach tens of millions of Americans who are highly responsive to our advertisers.

For advertisers, our targeted demographic and subscriber base of upper-income Megalo Global Network readers and viewers is hands-down one of the most attractive audiences in the marketplace.

By hiring our marketing team to advertise for you. You opt out of the do it yourself Pay per click campaigns and get flat rate Global advertising in an all in one global network. we advertise on multiple platforms including Megalo News, Megalo Social, Megalo Jitter, Megalo Rambler, Megalo Ads, and We automate social media on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, and 13 other social networks like Gab, Truth Social, Mewe,, and Parlor Social Media. We utilize the Entire Network system to our advantage. We grow Globally and we take you along for the ride. Lets Prosper together and end Fake news once and for all

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